You know what the Switch was sorely lacking? If you said Spotify, HBO Max, Netflix, or basically any streaming service out there, while you’re right, that’s wrong in this instance. The right answer was a calculator. That’s at least what Sabec was thinking as they started development on a new application for the Switch. Simply named Calculator, it’s exactly that – a simple calculator for you to solve math problems with.

The application isn’t free, it’s effectively a $10 math aid that looks straight out of and literally has no defining features to make anyone use it over the standard one that comes with every single phone.

But, hey, you can do math problems on your TV in glorious 1080p or handheld in 720p, so that’s a plus, right? All joking aside, the software is one of the few non-gaming related apps on the Switch, which is both silly and kind of safe – whereas a streaming service will have some hitches along the way.

What do you think? Are you gonna shell out $10 or just stick to your trusty phone? Tell us below!

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