Tank Troopers

As it turns out, when first launching the Switch, Nintendo decided to pass on a version of Tank Troopers. The founder of Vitei, the studio behind the game, Giles Goddard, revealed this to MinnMax during a lengthy appearance on their channel.

According to Goddard the Switch version was good to go, but apparently Nintendo didn’t feel it was worth being put on the eShop for one reason or another.

The interview also touched on the shuttering of the 3DS version of Tank Troopers’ multiplayer, which wasn’t on them to decide. Despite it working fine during testing, Nintendo decided to shutter it for “some unknown reason.”

“We all really wish we could have kept the multiplayer mode in. We actually had it working – it was fine, it worked really well, we tested it, and then they decided to take it out for some unknown reason. So that’s my only regret – we didn’t push back hard enough to keep that in.

And also we had a Switch version. It was running, it was perfect. It looked really, really cool, really high-res, but they didn’t think it was worth sort of putting out on the Switch, which was a disappointment.”

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