Roblox very easily could be coming to the Switch down the line. During their Q1 earnings call, its co-founder spoke about how branching out to other versions would make “perfect sense,” specifically mentioning the Switch as a potential next step.

“Switch, PlayStation, Quest – all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox.”

The free-to-play builder is currently available on other platforms, but yet it’s not gone to Nintendo’s flagship or the PlayStation lineup. We can hope this to change, especially as Roblox continues to rise in popularity with a whopping 150 million active players mid-2020.

With the Switch’s portability and general audience, it is clear why the mega-popular builder would want to shift gears toward the platform, especially as the console breached over 85 million units sold.

What do you think? Are you going to swipe it when it releases? Tell us below!  

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