ROMUniverse, the ROM site subjected to a $2.1 million lawsuit spearheaded by Nintendo, is considering relaunching without the content that made it the subject of Nintendo’s wreath.

Matthew Storman, the owner of the site, was sued by the Japanese giant for profiting off of ROMs, including recent releases at the time, in late 2019. Storman was required to pay Nintendo $2.1 million for his $30K to $36K he garnered primarily due to his website in 2019. While he was going to pay $50 a month fee that he agreed to, he hasn’t and that’s led to Nintendo seeking a permanent injunction.

Storman, in a recent filing, displayed interest in relaunching ROMUniverse and simply axing all Nintendo content from the service, which would continue to host video game content and ROMS, according to the file received from ARS Technica.

Nintendo’s previous attempt at a permanent injunction was denied due to the site already being offline and not really seen as necessary. With Storman’s interest in bringing his ROM site back, though, this could be a reason to seek such an action ahead of time.

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