Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has left people pretty high and dry in terms of new Nintendo Direct events. What few have happened lately have mostly focused on third-party ventures. Speaking of, it’s sounding like another third-party focused event is in the works.

Nacho Requena, the editor of Spanish-language gaming magazine, Manual, alleged during a livestream released to YouTube. According to VGC, who translated the report, some sort of Persona game will be present, though, it’s not clear which entry will be.

To top off the rumor mill, Requena alleged there will be another game heading to the Switch, a game that’s been available on other platforms for years, one that he specifically said has been around for four years. Nothing’s confirmed, but some are pointing fingers at Red Dead Redemption 2, which released back in 2018.

The belief stems from previous rumors that Rockstar was working on getting RDR2 on the hybrid platform. The supposed Nintendo Direct launching sometime next week has at least been corroborated by both Requena and VGC’s own sources.

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